Friday, November 18, 2005

Zero Patch Day Coming to a Tuesday Near You

I spend many of the weekends patching my clients systems. Microsoft releases the notification on Friday. They deliver the patch the 2nd Tuesday of the month. I monitor the Blogs and Newsgroups. Friday I have the weekend mapped to deploy the critical patches. I usually don't do the non-critical patches until the following Wednesday. This allows me time to monitor the Blogs and Newsgroups, as well as test the patches in my testing lab. According to this article on, others are expecting a zero day patch.

Notice the shrinking window!

"Clip from the article"

Every 19 days, half of all the critical vulnerabilities are currently dealt with, either via a patch, a workaround or another security solution, according to Eschelbeck. That compares with 21 days a year ago and 30 days two years ago, he said.



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