Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Welcome to my first Blog

Why start Blogging? I have been using Sharpreader for the past 45 days and I really believe blogs are the fastest form of communication. Daily reading on the net used to take so much time via the browser method. Scoble is correct that this means browsers are less important.

Why does SBS Rock? The Microsoft office suite is a great success. I want to make SBS (suite) a bigger success. By using SBS as the entry level server SMB will have a head start in the collaboration race of the future.

I hope to utilize this blog to promote all the great features included in SBS. The current version is SBS03 and the next version will follow Longhorn server by (my guess) 9 months. Microsoft has the opportunity to do to backoffice computing what they did to desktop publishing.

Let's get SBS growing!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WElcome to the Blogsphere

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