Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What will be added to the next version of SBS???

When SBS03 first came out we began to realize the increased Value ADD. SBS2000 is a vast improvement over 4/4.5. SBS03 followed with yet more freebies! What was added to SBS03? I won't list them all, but I will list a few. The rest are here. First the coolest NEW feature is Remote Web Workplace (RWW.) This is a secure (SSL) intranet site. On this intranet you have the option of reading email, connecting to your personal desktop, connecting to the internal Company web and potentially more if you add some links!! Second the company web is built on Windows SharePoint Services and stores all documents in SQL. Last is support for mobile devices.

I remember hearing that SBS03 would include Biztalk server. That didn't completely happen but I believe if you have Premium you can get a special copy of the partner edition. Microsoft did add a special hotfix for Business Contact Manger (BCM.) The hotfix is located here. If you didn't realize it, BCM was really designed for a single user storing email via .PST mail. Microsoft then realized that many small businesses use SBS and only have one sales manger. Personally I was really glad they stepped up. We are a special group and we get special service. If you don't believe this Wait until you start seeing RWW in the full version of Windows Server 2007.

Now what will be in Cougar? Network Access Protection (NAP) has been postponed from R2 so that is eliminated. But according to this article there are many options. I am voting for Live Communication Server (LCS.) We can only wait and cross our fingers. One thing is for sure it will be SMOKIN. Could SBS may turn out to be the Linux killer in the small business space. No longer will new entrepreneurs start off with home grown solutions. The corporate version of SBS is already a better deal than the Big Brother Version.


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