Friday, October 22, 2004

Happy Meal Security Pack for SBS!!!

Happy Meal security pack: "For strong security, typical user passwords stink, but are cheap.
Two-factor authentication methods - in which a device provides a
one-time password checked by the security system's server before
allowing access - have long been the favorite of firms with deep
pockets. Now CryptoCard is offering an affordable two-factor
authentication Starter Kit for SMBs."

Well it seems RSA has some competition! Susan Bradley previously released a letter from Scott Schnell. Find it here. They set a 90 day release date. Apparently CryptoCard is trying to get out in front of them.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Microsoft Comes Out Swinging

Dual core chips to be priced as single processors. Microsoft comes out after Oracle, Bea and others who price software per processor. This early information should help clear the FUD.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Should Microsoft Podcast Their Sales and Licensing Webcasts???

I was reading Michael Boyles Blog and listening to Evil Geniuous Chronicles and thought, "Hey why isn't Microsoft offering Podcasts of their Sales and Licensing Web casts?" Just think what a marketing opportunity. I know Microsoft consultants would love to sale more software solutions. The partners could get a daily dose of the Kool-Aid. What about Channel 9? Is Scoble is already organizing this? Buried in his blog is the mystery.

How many people own MAPS? Did you also know you may email them your wish list?

SBS Rocks

What is SBS?

Friday, October 08, 2004

How about Microsoft Add Podcasts to Microsoft Download Documents

MSN and MediaBay Join Forces to Offer Audiobooks Through Newly Launched MSN Music Service

MediaBay Will Exclusively Distribute Titles From the World's Largest Publishers on MSN Music

REDMOND, Wash., and CEDAR KNOLLS, N.J. -- Oct. 6, 2004 -- MSN and MediaBay Inc., a leader in spoken-word audio entertainment, today announced that they are working together to offer a wide range of audiobook titles via download to the millions of MSNĀ® users in the United States. Among the audiobook titles MediaBay will exclusively offer on the MSN Music service ( ) are those from the nation's largest audiobook publishers. More

Is this a springboard of things to come in the future?

How do we get the Microsoft Downloads RSS feeds to offer the longer documents in audio formats? I have seen many other blogs recently describing podcasts. Adam Curry records the daily source code. He also is behind ipodder. This is a method of shifting audio recordings to the ipod. Think how many more of those technical articles we could consume during our daily commutes. I wonder if Scoble could get this started with his message in a bottle to Bill Gates?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Welcome to my first Blog

Why start Blogging? I have been using Sharpreader for the past 45 days and I really believe blogs are the fastest form of communication. Daily reading on the net used to take so much time via the browser method. Scoble is correct that this means browsers are less important.

Why does SBS Rock? The Microsoft office suite is a great success. I want to make SBS (suite) a bigger success. By using SBS as the entry level server SMB will have a head start in the collaboration race of the future.

I hope to utilize this blog to promote all the great features included in SBS. The current version is SBS03 and the next version will follow Longhorn server by (my guess) 9 months. Microsoft has the opportunity to do to backoffice computing what they did to desktop publishing.

Let's get SBS growing!!